In Vicky’s words, happiness is "something nobody can take it away"

But what is this "something" ? what is something that nobody can take it away from a person? what is something that is truly belongs to a person ? what is something that is so tied with every human being that nobody else can take it away?

A new language is a door to a new world. I feel exited when I hear : "To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe." . However I haven’t pass my English class yet. My English professor is so dislike me that he gave me two "F" already – I felt so depressed when I saw the "F", I felt so angry when I saw the "F" the second time. It almost destroyed my self-esteem on langurage learning. But I know, no matter how hard he try, he could not take away my eager of learning. He never took away the joy I had whenever I learned something new. This is happiness I know about learning.

I have a job. The pay is not bad. But most importantly, I love what I do. Bad economy can make me jobless. However no one can take away my feeling about my work: feeling of creating something new with my knowledge. This is happiness I know about work.

I have many friends. They are part of my history. They are part of my life. They might leave me one day — or I might be taken away from them. However no one, not even God, can take away the trust they give to me, nor destroy the joy of sharing. This is happiness I know about friendship.

I love my wife, my daughter and every member of my family. I will die one day, but no one can erase the memory I have about them. No one can make them disappear from my heart. I enjoyed all of these emotions I had and will continue to have with them. This is happiness I know about family.

I don’t know how to hold my happiness. It appears only in the moments when I give without ask for return. It appears at the moment I found the true me.

I hope I expressed what I understand about happiness. I know I will write it better next time.