I am taking a dancing class this semester. It is part of my GE requirement. But the reason I take it is different: because I am afraid of it. 

I have to admit that I am really afraid of dancing. I don’t know how to dance, and I don’t know how to behave in dancing place. I don’t know how to enjoy dance, specially I don’t know how to ask a girl to dance. 
It stirs people’s mind — this is how do I feel in the fist dancing class. According to class rule, I had to dance with many different girls. I was so nervous and my hand was wet. My leg was so tired because I had to keep it in an unusual position. But most importantly, I couldn’t stop thinking about how people think of me. Many thoughts flew in my mind, "am I too close or  to far from her", "Whether I hold her to tight or to loose", "How is my steps? is it out of sync?", "I must be very bad dancer so nobody wants to dance with me". I often found I stood still at the corner, waiting for other people to come close and ask for dance. I never had such a long 3 hours class.
I feel much better at the second class. As I learned more about dance and I practiced a little bit more. I finally established some confidence. And I finally can shift my focus form myself to outside world. — What I learned from the second class is, dance is about touch other’s soul. I never thought about dance this way. As I dance more in the second class, as I danced with many different females: old an young, open and shy; Chinese, Vietnamese, Latino, White; I slowly touched their soul. Some of them are easy to lead, some of them are not. Thought is an Vietnamese student who is about my age, and she is very easy to lead. Since she is more  experienced, she often give me some hint, in an not so obvious way. And she can tolerance my mistakes. It is easy and relax to dance with her. Christina is a white girl, much younger than me. She is open and talks a lot. She likes to correct me — in a wrong way. I can imagine it won’t be easy to deal with her. Older women are usually nice. They are  soft, cooperate and easy to lead. Most importantly, they are calm and enjoy. Compare to them, young students are have more opinions… You can tell all of these details by how they sync steps with you, how they move their bodies. All of these are can only feel by dance.
I have no class next week, and I am going to learn Waltz soon. It would be fun. I am still scared. But I think I am getting better.