wisdom I learned from my friends

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About raising our child — from Johnny:
   Don’t worry about whether you can provide the best material for your children. All they learn is how you deal with material world, not how much you have.

About fashion — from Vicky:
   Fashion has no relation with price. If you are open-minded enough, you can dress artistically  even with a fry-pan hanging on your neck
About limit — from Vicky:
   If you don’t break your current limit, you can never increase your ability. Do little extra exercise next time.

About how to talk with people — from Jimmy:
   Don’t be afraid to tell truth. Truth does hurt. People hurt themselves.

About self-improvement — from Charles:
   We have to be self-controlled. 人是不可以放纵自己的感情的 (不知道该怎么翻译这句话)

About life — from my wife:

After all, I am surrounding by so many true friends who are full of wisdom. God treat me well. I have no complaining.



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