This is a movie. It is a story about love.

They have been married for 45 years. And she slowly losing her memory. She doesn’t know who she is, what she does, and where she lives some times a day. And he is geting old day by day. And finally, the day comes. He is too old to carry her alone. He has to send her to 老人院

And this is the beginning of losing her.

what is love? Is it just memory? why you lover doesn’t love you anymore when she is losing her memory?

he starts to please her. He is trying to gain her back. But no matter you win or lose, you are losing her. Nobody can beat time.

They have been married for 45 year. Is this a proof of love? Why he still wants to get more sign of love from her? Maybe this is the last thing he can hold. Maybe when we are getting old, this is the only thing that means to us.

She is losing her memory, therefore she is lost, and she is afraid, like walking in the dark alone. She is upset and she doesn’t know why she is upset. And she is lonely.


I love my wife, very very much. And I am missing her. very very very much.

I want to live longer than my wife. I have to. So she will never be lonely.