Here is a link to a blog: "Interview with Linus Torvalds"

What I like the most is the following. And I believe open source is the future…

"I compare it (Linux developing) with science and witchcraft (or alchemy). Science may
take a few hundred years to figure out how the world works, but it
actually get there, exactly because people can build on each others
knowledge, and it evolves over time. In contrast, witchcraft/alchemy
may be about smart people, but the knowledge body never “accumulates”
anywhere. It might be passed down to an apprentice, but the hiding of
information basically means that it can never really become any better
than what a single person/company can understand.

And that’s exactly the same issue with open source vs proprietary
products. The proprietary people can design something that is smart,
but it eventually becomes too complicated for a single entity (even a
large company) to really understand and drive, and the company politics
and the goals of that company will always limit it.

In contrast, open source works well in a complex
environment. Maybe nobody at all understands the big picture, but
evolution doesn’t require global understanding, it just requires small
local improvements and a open market (”survival of the fittest”)."