just emailed to ofoto.com

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I just emailed my resume to ofoto.com. And again, I am waiting for responding.

I have a question in hand: if job hunting is a sales, how can I sell myself? why I am different from the other new graduates? How should I represent to the employer that I am the right candidate?

This is a good question. And I currently have no answer.


Teaching: relax environment and focus discussion

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Have to keep the class in relax environment, and keep it focused at the same time. And this requires two conditions: The question raised must be interested by student; And second, as the controller, teacher must lead the discussing towards the real conclusion he/she want to get.

[Job Hunting] Feb 08 2005 How does it feel if no reply

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So far, I have send my resume to good.com, Sun Micro and IBM. But God knows if anybody can read it. At this moment, I realized that job hunting is not as easy as I thought. I always heard that people send hundreds of resume out but no single reply. Now, it is just one week,and I start to realize how does it feel.
Jub hunting is not a easy task, and only the tough one can go through. And I have to keep thinking. There must be a smart way to doing so.

[Job Hunting] Feb 07 2005 open my mind

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I just did a search on Craigslist.org. And I found good.com is hiring. I browsed their web site, specially the information about their CEO, and I ask myself: why I haven’t considered a small to middle size company in the past weeks? What stopped me to think out of those famous companies?
I guess I went into a wrong path in the past few weeks – I limited myself into those few big companies. And in order to do good in my job hunting, I have to open my mind first. One other example is that maybe, just maybe because I have no evidence yet, semiconductor companies are good candidates too, as long as they have stable and truly technical project going on.

[Job Hunting] Feb 04 2005 starting point

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I put my resume online, and I even build a small site to display them. But currently I don’t have much idea what kind of job I am looking for.
I have some java experiences, but I am currently doing perl (which is not bad); I want a developing position, but I am working as a QA now; I like low-level system programming, but I don’t qualify most such position. I want to be very busy, but I have to continue working on my degree, and that requires a low-pace and not busy environment…
Life is full of confliction, isn’t it? And living in the world is just about balancing.

I had a talk with Orla. She gave me some guiding points: The project has to be interesting to me, otherwise work there has no differents suicide; and tThe company has to be stable in some degree, otherwise I have to face the fear of layoff, and eventually destroy the pleasure of my life; third, tThe size of company doesn’t not matter, but if I want to really learn something, I have to be busy, otherwise it is just wasting my time;
I believe those guide line can give me a clear idea about how to choose a right company.

And one last point from myself: if I have not offer on hand, what can I choose from? – I mean I have to get some offer, otherwise, I don’t even can talk about “choose”.

So I have to act.